Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Hello My Long Lost Friend!

Whilst I was rumaging through my make up stash I found this little beuty at the bottom of a box! Its the Cool Palette from Nars, and I'm so happy I found it again!
Now I know I have a lot of make up but I wasn't aware I had so much I could forget even having something like this! The colours are perfect for summer as they are cool shades and they will work really well for colour blocking!

This palette is great as it is almost a one stop item (obviously you will need a couple of extra products to complete a whole make up routine) so is great for chucking in your handbag so you can glam on the run!

The palette consists of a selection of shades for Eyes, Cheeks and lips and the Cool Palette includes:
Himalayas - an opal white / pink
Cairo - shimmering Taupe
Lulu - Vivid Purple
Gigi - Poppy Blue

Orgasm - the world famous coral blush!
Copacabana - a pearly highlighting cream

Mitzi - Deep nude
Napoli - Amber nude
Galactica - Pearlesent glossy top coat
Baby Doll - Pearly Pink

These palettes are priced at around £49.00 which may seem a little pricey but with all the products you get its actually really good value for money. I have had mine for a few years now and although it's not something I use everyday It has lasted really well! I have how ever bought one of the lip colours as it was running out (bet you can't guess which one it is!!) so that I didn't run out of it in the palette!

I have created a summer smokey eye using this palette so watch out for that next Make Up Monday!

I'm so glad I found this, I feel like I have some new make up but with out the dent on my bank balance!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x

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  1. Oh, nice palette. I really like NARS palettes and it´s great to find some old and unused beauties in the make up stash, because it´s like a new buy!

    I like the vibrant blue!

    Enjoy your"new" palette! :)

    xoxo, Sandra

  2. This looks fab. I love finding hidden gems in my kit and rediscovering my love for them x


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