Friday, 1 February 2013


This weeks I Love Me Challenge is to write yourself a Happiness Back Up Plan! This may sound a bit random but bear with me.....All will become clear!

The idea behind your Happiness Back Up plan is that you write it on a "good day". When you are in a positive state of mind you are more likely to have positive experiences, this includes positive thoughts.
Whilst you are in a positive state you should take advantage of it and write a list of things that you would LIKE to do, things that you imagine doing that would make you happy.

Once you have written your list keep it safe and on those days that you are feeling in a bit of a funk or down right moody dig it out and make yourself do something on the list! Now I know this may take some effort and will power as the bad mood bugs can make you want to do nothing but sit inside and eat your body weight in cake but you need to summon your inner fabulosity and acknowledge that you are pissed off, but you are not going to let it ruin another moment, glam yourself up (or at least brush your hair!), get outside and  do something on your list....and at the end of the day you may even have something to write and pop in your 2013 jar (see what I did there...nearly all the years challenges so far covered in one activity!! ;).

Hopefully by making yourself do something on your list you will start to feel a bit happier and in no time your bad mood will disappear! I know this won't always be as straight forward as I'm saying but if you persevere I promise it will start to work!

For more info take a look at my I Love Me Week #5 Challenge Video....
What things will be on your list? Please leave some in the comment box below or on my facebook or twitter.

I hope you have a great week

Grace xoxo

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