Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Last week I attended The only Way Is Blogging (TOWIB), it was a great day catching up with some other gorgeous bloggers, I haven't done a specific post on towib as there are so many others that have, so if you want to see take a peek at these lovely ladies blogs, Em from Its-em, Emma from Flossies Beauty Love, Stacy from The HQ of beauty.

One of the companies that came along to showcase some of their goodies was FashionistA, they are a brand that works with Superdrug to bring you affordable high quality cosmetics, and I have to say they didn't disappoint!

The lovely Katie Hughes was there doing her Make up magic with three demonstrations using the FashionistA range to create three catwalk inspired looks, after this we could choose from three different palettes to take home and try out!

I chose the Blush palette, I have lots of eye shadow palettes in my kit but only have two blushers which are about to run out so this was definitely perfect timing! The colours are great and if you wanted they could double up as eye shadows, there is a blush to suit all skin tones!
There is an amazing highlighter which if layered up is super shimmery, and you could use the darkest colour to contour, so this is definitely your one stop shop for blushers!

You buy the colours separately and there are 49 eyeshadows and 12 blushers to choose from (all priced at £4.00 each), you can keep them as individual items or them pop them into the handy palette priced at £5.00 (which has a mirror so its perfect for your handbag!) and create your very own custom palette!

They are currently on a 5 for 3 on superdrug.com  so what are you waiting for? Get creating your own palettes for this seasons hot make up trends!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo


  1. Great post hun, I haven't had a chance to use my blush palette yet, love the pale peachy colour though xx

  2. woah, 49 eye shadow's! will have to pick some up! x

  3. @sjmwell you definitely should pick some up, I have been using mine everyday! Love it!

    @Stacey thanks hun, I love that colour too. It was a good choose!! xx

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