Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sunday Summary

I can't believe the weather we are having at the moment....can someone just confirm that it is October?? Well I'm not complaining as I write this post whilst sitting in the sun out in the garden!
This week I will start with my Weight Watchers update, I lost 1lb this week, it may not seem much but I had a big loss last week and all that matters is that its going in the right direction, so that's 6lb in total! Fingers crossed for this week!
Last weekend I was shopping with my mum and we popped into homesense which is the home division of TK Maxx, they always have a festive section and at the moment it is full of Halloween things!!

I love anything festive, Christmas, Valentines day, Halloween, basically anything that gives you an excuse to decorate things! I wish we were a bit more like America as they really celebrate Halloween, maybe I should have a party!! Talking of Halloween, as it is October I will be doing Halloween based Make up Mondays and Nail tutorials so watch this space!
On Tuesday I went along to an open evening at Q Clinics, Dr John Quinn is a renowned Botox and Fillers specialist, but he was launching a new treatment which tightens the skin, the idea is that the probe he uses heats up the tissues under the skin using radio-frequency which will then cause a healing process to occur which increases the production of collagen, and viola you have an instant face lift (well not quite but you get the gist!)
Here is my mum being his model, now to be honest my mum doesn't really need any of these kind of treatments (and I seriously hope I take after her as her skin is amazing!!) but even still we could definitely see a difference after he did the demo! At £600 a pop it is not a cheap treatment to have (lucky mum getting to be a model) but for people who want to have something that makes a difference it is the treatment to have!
And finally this week at college we are working towards a project piece which is based on Gothic Fantasy, now I'm a bit of a girlie girl so Gothic doesn't come naturally to me so I'm still working on my ideas, but I am being one of my class mates model so on Friday I looked like this....
This is just the start of her design, her design chart looks amazing and I cant wait to see it all put together (will keep you updated!)

Well I hope you are all enjoying this amazing weather and have had a great week!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo


  1. Congrats on the weightloss that's amazing. First weigh in tonight for me, i'm feeling good. Get your Mum have a free treatment! Lucky woman. Gothic wouldnt come easy to me either, that picture looks fab! x

  2. Congratulations on your weight loss! Keep going! In the past I lost 30kg! with WW:-) So keep going on and don't give up!

  3. Thanks guys! Im actually really enjoying the diet which makes it so much easier! Thanks for the support xxx


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