Monday, 24 October 2011

Make Up Monday - Halloween Zombie

This weeks Halloween Make Up Monday is one of my favourite tutorial that I have done this Halloween!

I have made my dad into a Zombie for you all! I think he secretly wanted to be in one of my videos!! For this tutorial I am not really showing you the base as that is fairly easy, I am showing you how to get an infected looking zombie skin! I know it sounds disgusting but it is super effective and is an easy way to scare everyone at any Halloween parties you go to!

To get this look is used black and white aqua colours (face paints will do) to give the skin a grey look and then used grey, black and red eye shadows to create the contouring and shadowing, you could go slightly whiter on the base than I have and still look realistic.
Now to get the infected skin part you need some gelatin granules, mix it with a small amount of hot water and mix until its a thick paste, you can then apply it to the face. The other things you will need to complete this look is either grease paints (if you have them) or eye shadows in a dark red, black and blue, this will create the bruised look, and then some fake blood, if you have professional special effects blood that's great but if not there is loads about in the shops at the moment so you can use what ever you have.

To see how to finish the look of take a peek at my tutorial video....
(I promise my dad is alive in this video....despite the fact he looks like he might keel over any moment!!)

I hope you like this look, and if you give it a try I would love to see some photos!

Happy Make Up Monday

Stay goulish!

Grace xoxo


  1. This actually scares me! xx

  2. Love it Grace! I will watch the video later and give it the thumbs up! Good ol' Dad! haha xx

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