Thursday, 13 October 2011

Jib Jab!

Have you guys heard of or used Jib Jab before? Well if you haven't you should, It is the funniest website ever! Before I go on, I would just like to say I am not affiliated with this site in any way, I just think its amazing and wanted to tell you all about it!

On this site you can make send-able e-cards and videos with pre made characters which you just add your head to. I was obsessed with site last Christmas as you could do something called Elf-Me which had me LOL-ing for hours!

I noticed on a friends Facebook that she had something similar but rather than Elf's is was more Halloween like so I clicked on it and saw it was the same website so I had to do one myself! The good thing is you can do it as a surprise for people by using your Facebook account to log in and you can use their photos to place their heads in!

Here is my Halloween Monster Rap....
I have used me, my mum, dad and sister in mine.

If you want to make your own monster rap or elf-me at christmas go to JibJab, but I warn you, you will become addicted!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo 


  1. This is so cool. I did this one too.

  2. @Carolina, I love it! I am literally checking the site everyday waiting for the elf-me to be available!!;) xx


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