Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sunday Summary!

Its strange to think that this time last week I was typing my Sunday summary from the garden almost complaining it was too hot and now i'm back on the sofa with the heating on!
Well this week at weight watchers the scales went down by 1lb which saw me get my first silver seven! It got read out in the meeting which is slightly embarrassing but although it was a loss I cant help but feel a tiny bit disappointed, I know I have to look at the bigger picture but 1lb per week seems a bit slow when you work really hard at a diet! Any way winge over!

I went along to Blog Camp this week which was good, I came away with a few ideas and also a bit more knowledge on the techy side of things. If you get a chance to go along to a blog camp session you should.I went to the one in Bristol but the also hold them in London and Manchester.

At college this week I have finally got to grips with my Gothic fantasy piece! I have designed my make up which when I did a practice I changed it completely, I know how I want the hair and costume (I hope my sewing skills are up to it!!) so hopefully it will all come together!

I'm not very good at imagining the whole thing coming together when I can only see one part but this project has to be as over the top as possible, so there is going to be hair extensions, feathers, gems, airbrushing, you name it it will be in there! This is a work in progress, but considering I'm about as far from Gothic as it gets I don't think I've done too badly!

My final thing is to let you all know that Marie Claire magazine has a lovely 30ml L'Occitane hand cream freebie this month. I chose Desert Rose which smells gorgeous!

I hope you are all well and have had a great weekend.

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo

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  1. Congrats on the weight loss hun, at least you're losing! I find the esource thing such a great help the forum is amazing! Are you doing the monthly thing or weekly? We can chat more about it on Saturday, can't wait!! xx


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