Thursday, 6 October 2011

Tonight blogger, I'm going to be.......

.....Well I don't know about you but sometimes I don't know the answer to that statement! Today I went along to Blogcamp which was a chance to hear from other successful bloggers, PR experts and tech wizards, how to get your blog noticed and to reach the goals you set for your blog when you started it!
One of the key points that kept coming up (and to be honest it is pretty much common sense) is that you need to be yourself when blogging, your personality should shine through! There is one small problem with that, what if sometimes you aren't quite sure who you are?
Now obviously I know I'm Grace, I'm 29, I have brown hair and blue eyes but sometimes the rest can be a little bit blurry!
When you are amongst a blogging community that has some people that are hugely popular and have thousands of followers sometimes it can make you look at what you're doing and think hang on, do I need to be more like them?
As I talked to a few other people at blogcamp it became apparent that I wasn't the only one who feels this way, a lot of people are worried that what they have to say is silly or are too worried about what others think.
I know there are a few bloggers and YouTubers that I love and have found myself thinking I wish I could be like them, Jessica Harlow and JulieG713 are two of them, not only do I like their videos but I even wish I had hair like them (I think I was having a high school moment at the time!!) and then you have people like Em (EmHerbert_) and  Natalie (BlushBlendBeaut) who come across as such a friendly, fun loving people, it makes you want to instantly be friends with them.
Now when you sit back and think about all those things that those people are, the chances are you're actually not too bad yourself! I tried to say to the people at blogcamp that even if you only get one follower or if you only get one comment, that still means you have touched one person and they have been interested in what you had to say.
The moral of my story is that no matter what your goal is with your blog, be it to make millions or just have a place to express yourself, be true to you and be yourself, who ever that may be!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo

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  1. Amen to that.

    Striving to be something else and not being true to yourself will only make you miserable. You need to blog for YOU. You need to enjoy it or you won't keep it up. Write for you, not for others. People will see that and will be able to relate and enjoy the blog.



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