Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Make Up Monday - Competition Entry!

I know today is Tuesday but I have a good excuse why Make Up Monday is a day late! Yesterday I was in London for the ITEC National Student Competition at the Professional Beauty Exhibition, where with a few others I was representing my college. So I thought I would share the pics of my entries with you!

The first part of the competition was to create a 1950's Glamour look with a modern twist, I was really lucky to be lent a Vintage Vivienne Of Holloway dress to make the look authentic!
I used navy blue and gold on the eyes to give a glamorous winged effect and then made the lips more modern by adding glitter to the red.

The second part was Pop Icons, I assumed that everyone would choose Lady Gaga so I decided to choose Nicki Minaj! My thinking behind this was that she always wears bright colours and her hair is always out there so that's what I went with!
I loved the result of this look, the bright colours looked amazing and I liked doing the detail of the leopard print down the face and neck! The hair was fun and I made the bright coloured balls from chicken wire and wrapped wool around them!

Unfortunately I didn't place any where but I did have fun taking part, but I have to say when people say its the taking part that counts.....RUBBISH, I wanted to win! hehe! There were over 40 people competing in each part so it was tough but definitely glad I took part! It was nice to do some pretty make up with college, it makes a change from the theatrical stuff we normally do!

What do you think of the final looks? For more pics please check out my Facebook page.

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo


  1. Love both looks but the Nicki one is really fun!

    1. Thank you! I loved do the nicki minaj make up!xoxo

  2. Great work. I have no idea how you didn't win!

    1. Thanks David, and an even bigger thank you for coming to the rescue with outfits! x


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