Thursday, 8 March 2012

Oh Crap.....I'm 30!

This time last week I was  celebrating my 30th birthday! I had a lovely day and luckily I am managing to drag it out all the way to this weekend when I will be celebrating with my friends and family (Plenty of pics to come next week!).

I feel completely spoilt as I got sooooo many gifts and cards plus about a million messages from people on Facebook and Twitter which was amazing!
I have to be honest as I was dreading turning 30, there is this invisible list that you suddenly feel you should have checked everything off on it! It is the cause of many freak outs which of course are completely unnecessary but now the day has been and gone I can reassure everyone that it's ok, my hair is still intact as are my teeth and I don't have any wrinkles (well no new ones!)!
 I love all my cards despite the fact they are all reminding me that I have hit the big 3 0!
 One very spoilt girl!
 I asked for a new Camera on my wish list and in the end I chose a bridge camera, I love it and have been snapping away since last week!
 My mum gave me an extra card just from her, she said the picture reminded her of me!
 My amazing sister surprised me with 30 presents which was so lovely and thoughtful!
She was very naughty buying me a Links of London bracelet and two charms, It is amazing and I have wanted one for years, I love it so much!

Many people have said that life starts at 30 so here's to that! I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that sent me messages and birthday wishes, I feel very loved! I will update you all next week with my weekend of celebrations!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo

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  1. Ahh being 30 isn't that bad, there's that saying if I knew in my 20's what I know now I'd do them all over again but differently, it's so true for me. Here's to being 30 missus! xxx


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