Thursday, 22 March 2012

Snake Skin Spring time nails!

I recently purchased a clutch bag which I love, It was a huge bargain at £12.99 from New Look! It was originally to go with a specific outfit but I ended up buying different shoes so had to buy yet another bag (although you won't hear me complaining!)! This bag will be great in the summer as it is pink and orange and has gold detailing on it. As well as being cute it inspire a nail design!

As well as top coat, nail varnishes and top coat you will need some kind of chain (I used a necklace) and some pliers to cut the chain, I have also used a Konad stamping tool but you could do that free hand.

Here is my tutorial video so you can see how to get the look....

Hope you like it!
Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo


  1. Wow this amazing! i really want to experiment with sticking things on my nails, so i think ill give this a go on a pair of falsies :)


    1. Thats a great idea! Would love to see them if you do! xoxo

  2. So cute! It matches perfectly :)

  3. Wow these nails are so cool! They look lovely and they all look so even and precise, lovely!


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