Thursday, 29 March 2012

Real Techniques Make Up Brushes!

This is a blog post that I think I could sum up with one sentence..... Real Technique make up brushes are AMAZING! But as readers of my blog I feel I should give you more than that!

I purchased these brushes at the beginning of March and as a lover of new things I didn't want to actually open them! Once I did and had put them in my brush belt I had the perfect opportunity to give them a good trial last week as I was part of the Bristol Fashion Week Make-up team.

I fell in love with them instantly, they are amazingly soft and that is due to the Ultra Plush Taklon bristles, these work really well for high definition work. I found that although they are soft they are still firm enough to get a good application of product. I loved the Buffing Brush after applying the models base I would use this to buff the product into the skin and it literally made the foundation look flawless!

The brushes come in three colours Orange, Purple and Pink, each of which represents a different range. Orange is for Base, Purple for Eyes and Pink for finishing. They are really light weight which is great when you have hundreds of brushes in your belt weighing you down!

I initially got the Core collection and the Starter set (base and eyes) they come with a brush case which also turns into a brush stand. Both sets are a complete bargain at £21.99 each which is an amazing price for 4 or 5 brushes, sometimes you would pay that or more for just one and it would be as good!
The starter set consists of a Base shadow brush, Deluxe crease brush, Accent brush, Pixel point eye liner brush and brow brush
The Core collection consists of a detailer brush, Pointed Foundation brush, Buffing brush and a Contouring brush
I was so happy with the two sets I already had that I popped into boots on my break and got the Blush brush which is awesome! It cost £9.99.

I can not say enough how great these brushes are, they are so good that at least three of my models last week went and purchased them before they left, one of them called them the magic brushes and offered me double what I had paid for mine so she could have them.....I did have to point out that she could just go in to the mall and buy her own which she did!

Do you have any of the Real Technique brushes? What do you think of them? If you don't have them yet you really should!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace xoxo


  1. I'm buying the blush brush after work today! so much cheaper than MAC ones and just as nice x

  2. I have both those sets, aren't they just amazing! I want more so bad. I use the buffing brush for my foundation, I wish that came as a seperate brush! I use the deluxe crease brush for my undereye concealer. I also have the big powder brush, they are so soft. Love this post babe xxx

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  4. Just been to my local boots store today and purchased the blusher brush and the stippling brush from real techniques and lots of other goodies seen as its been pay day, I'm so excited about using the brushes especially from this blog post

  5. i've got Stippling brush, Blush brush and Shading brush. All are fantastic I have just ordered the setting brush ( waiting for delivery ) and whats more they are pink what more could a girl want Ha Ha

  6. I've just gotten the stippling brush and I cannot BELIEVE what a difference its made to my foundation. All products say they give a flawless finish etc....but this one really does deliver! I normally use a plain Benefit foundation brush and I can't believe how much better the RealTechniques brush is! I am now wanting the eye set quite badly! No wonder the models at your show were trying to buy them from you! Seriously, seriously impressed!

    Sarah xx


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