Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday

Well this week was a total shock at the scales, a good one though! The scales showed that I had lost
-4.5 lbs!!!!
I honestly do not know how that happened?! I was really good and didn't cheat but still I didn't do anything different from the weeks before! I am extremely happy about it as it takes my total to 77lbs which is five and a half stone! I was in so much shock that I asked if I could weigh again just in case the scales were wrong! This is a big amount of weight to lose in one week and I think that next week may be a stay the same week as a result of it, but that would still be fine!

So this week I wanted to make you all aware of what I think is a dieters dream! I'm sure most of you would have heard of it by now as lots of people have tweeted about, I am talking about Chocolate Philli! Now some people will think of cheese and chocolate not being a good combination but it is amazing! If you like cheese cake you will love this as it tastes like the middle of the cheese cake and you feel like you have had something really naughty but you haven't!

I have mine on rice cakes or on toast with chopped banana on. It is also good for having with fruit skewers as you could heat it slightly and dip them in! The choices are endless! It has a value of 2pp for a 30g serving.

I have yet to find anyone who dislikes it so if you haven't tried it yet I suggest you do! It seems to be offer in most supermarkets at the moment too!

Hope those of you losing weight have had a good weight loss this week!

Stay gorgeous

Grace xoxo 


  1. Well done you! I've stayed away from the chocolate philli so far because I know I'd eat the whole lot in one go!x

    1. Haha! It is tempting! Thanks sweetie xoxo

  2. OMG!! Well done Grace that is amazing weightloss! I think my biggest loss was 3.5lbs and i had to be so so good! I went back last night and put on 2.5lbs, not bad for 4 weeks off WW. I have chosen the wrong week to go back, TOTM and I have already eaten a dairy milk today FAIL! haha xxx

  3. I am a total chocolate philli addict! It is AMAZING! I had it with pancakes the other day for a little weekend treat and almost died from yumminess overdose. Its great on crumpets too.

    Well done on the amazing weight loss!!! :)


  4. OMG! I discovered this a few weeks a go and was snacking on it, i,m a member of slimming world and had lost 1 stone 1.5pounds, however i got a bit carried away with this chocolate philli and gained 2.5 last week :'( Great blog by the way and well done with your weight loss

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  7. Awesome blog indeed! Didn't you know that chocolates are the source of Aphrodisiac?


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