Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Hot To Trot Tuesday!

I wanted to start a new weekly post that will show case someone each week that I think is "Hot To Trot"!

It could be because they look Fabulous or because they have done something amazing......or maybe because I liked their outfit?!

This weeks Hot To Trotee is Beyonce, I only have one word for this woman.......AMAZING!
I absolutely love this lady and no matter what she does, she always does it with so much power and fabulosity. This past Sunday she performed at the half time show of the superbowl which was awesome!

Beyonce is stunningly beautiful and has a kick ass body to go with it....

And it gets better, she bought Destiny's Child back in to the mix!

Life is complete!! ;)

Beyonce, we salute you!

Stay gorgeous

Grace xoxo

P.S If you want to see the performance click here Superbowl.

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