Monday, 18 February 2013


This weeks I Love Me Challenge is a bit of a continuation from last weeks challenge! Last week I challenged you not to compare yourself to others so much, which I know is sometimes easier said than done. This week I'm challenging you to
Write your own story!
By this I don't mean go and write a book (of course unless you want to!), I mean don't try and copy someone else's story or try and be something / one you're not.

I love to read books by celebrities whether it be an autobiography or a self help book, but what can sometimes happen when we read these books is like I said last week, we start to compare ourselves to them. Now one major difference between most of us and celebrities is MONEY!! They normally have a huge amount and us...not so much. It means that when they need help they can afford to get the best of the best and quickly, where as we probably can't. But this in itself could be seen as a challenge, it means we have to be creative and use our heads a bit more to solve our own issues or problems, we need to reach out for help in different ways and places, it means we are writing our own stories and drawing from our own strength!

One really important thing when writing your own story is to take it one step at a time, don't write the ending before you get there! How do you know whats going to happen....and if you decide how somethings going to end you may skip by all the exciting things that could happen between now and then with out even knowing they were there!

Here's this weeks I Love Me Challenge video....

I hope you all have a Fabulous week

Grace xoxo

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