Wednesday, 27 February 2013


This weeks I love me challenge is to surround yourself with happiness!
Oh Just like that I hear you say....don't worry, it is easier than you think!

A simple human trait is to want to something in one go, unfortunately this isn't always realistic or even if it is it then proves difficult to be maintainable! But if you do things the way I suggest hopefully being surrounded by happiness will become slightly easier!

Good things come in little packages is how the saying goes and that is exactly how this challenge works! Happiness can be in a smell, a song, a photo.....absolutely anything! The idea is that by having small things such as a scented candle burning or a song playing will help to trigger the happy hormones to be released and that can only lead to feeling happy! See its easy peasy....

Here is this weeks I Love Me challenge video.....

Have a great week filled with lots of happiness!

Grace xoxo

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