Thursday, 28 July 2011

The big blogger debate!

This post is slightly off topic for a beauty blog but it's something I feel quite strongly about.
Recently on twitter there have been a few Blogger chats/ debates which take place weekly, they were started with great intention, a place where like minded bloggers could ask questions, pick up advice and find other great bloggers.
This was definitely the case with the first couple of chats that I took part in, but very quickly it became a place where a lot of negativity started to brew! After this I decided not to take part in it any more as the same thing kept happening. A friendly debate is fine but when it crosses the line from being constructive its time to stop!
The thing with any kind of debate is that every one is entitled to their own opinion and not everyone is going to share yours! It seems that some people just don't grasp this and it soon becomes a personal attack on people who share a different view on things. That is bad enough but it then seems to have a rolling effect where other people then get involved and what started as two people having a difference in opinion becomes a massive topic on twitter!
It is really sad that it has become this way and almost feels a little like being back at school where you cant have a group of girls with out it getting bitchy! Now don't get me wrong there definitely have been a couple of cases where one side has been more that out of order but by keeping it going with comments and discussion all that happens is more attention is given to this person and it can be misconstrued as you being as bad as them! Believe me I love to have the last word but remember everything you say is there for all to see and sometimes it pays to be the bigger person and just walk away!
One thing that I have noticed is the amount of people that say what a great community we are part of as a beauty blogger and that blogging should be fun, this is very true, I have met some really lovely people through blogging but with a very small minority of people thinking its ok to behave the way they have put a negative spin on our blogging community!
I know of two people that were completely shot down when they voiced their opinion which went against the masses and have since stopped blogging, especially after a comment being made that "I will make sure no one reads your blog" now really!! This person 10 minutes earlier had been one of the people saying blogging should be fun!

In life you will face negativity there is no getting away from it, but it IS up to you how you deal with it!
Your blog is your blog, no one has the right to tell you what to do with it, If you are happy that's the most important thing. At the end of the day if someone doesn't like something you have written they don't have to read it.
Blogging is supposed to be fun, something you enjoy doing, there should be no pressure and no rules.
So please lets keep our community a fun place to be!

This post is not aimed at anyone in particular and is not intended to offend any one, I just love blogging and what it means to me, and I am sure you do too! Happy blogging everyone!

Stay Gorgeous

Grace x


  1. well said, i agree with you entirely x

  2. i totally agree with you, blogging is meant to be fun and enjoyable, not a place full of rules and regulations xx

  3. I stopped participating in the chats too for the very same reason. I don't know why women feel the need to gang up on each other all the time, we have enough hassle off-line we don't need it online too.

    I think the problem starts with 'I hate blogs that do x' and then everyone chimes in. Hate is a strong word and using to describe every little nuance of blogging that you don't like is ridiculous.

    I'm hoping the chats will go back to what they were! xoxo

  4. Well written post which everyone needs to see.

    I've said i'll come back to blogging but at the moments my heart isn't in it especially as i know there are those out there who are actively telling people not to read my blog.

    I think these chats will stop eventually, several haven't even related to blogging and i just hope they fizzle out as they are just a place for people to hate on other bloggers


  5. Blogger needs a "like" button. I don't know where people get off in putting others down, I guess being nasty on teh interwebz is some people's idea of fun. Sad really.

  6. Great post :D I have yet to get involved in the chats but i like to read the tweets :D

  7. Thanks guys, I'm so glad you all agree, I was worried about the response I would get! xx

  8. I completely agree. I did notice people tweeting about it but I didn't know it got to that point! Glad to know there are still people with a good head on their shoulders like you :-)

  9. This is why I pretty much just stick to posting on my own blog + posting comments on other gal's blog's, and stay completely away from youtube and twitter. Too many mean people, and mean people suck. I choose to just not deal with it/take part it in and it makes me completely obliviously happy ;)

  10. Well said! I actually left a number of nail groups on Facebook for this very reason. It was sucking the fun out of something I love because people just couldn't grow up and get along.


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