Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday - week 4!

Well this week I'm not too disappointed but I'm also not jumping for joy as the scales showed
-/+ 0lbs
My reasoning behind this weeks non budging of pounds may seem strange to some but I didn't eat enough! I have always found that when I eat small amounts regularly I will tend to maintain my weight or have a steady weight loss, but when I am a little more speradic with my eating habbits it all goes wrong! With weight watchers you are given a set amount of points to eat on a daily basis which is worked out taking your current weight, height, gender and age in to consideration. The amount will then be the correct amount of food you need to eat to help your body lose weight and by not eating enough this will not happen! So my aim for this week is to be more organised and make sure I'm not ending up with lots of points left in the evening that I don't feel like eating!

This past weekend we had a BBQ for my dad's birthday, now for anyone on a diet an event with a free flow of food is somewhat of a danger zone! But not this one, we freshly prepared salads so that I could point the whole recipe and then work out how much of each thing to have! We made a coleslaw with a natural yoghurt, extra light mayo, mustard and lemon dressing, Cous Cous and roasted vegetable salad and a greek bean dish which is one of my favourites with butter beans covered in onions, garlic, tomatoes and plenty of oregano (I will put some of the recipes on here next week)!
The other diet friendly tip I have is to swap your meat for quorn (that is if you like it!), the point value is so much lower and it doesn't actually taste too bad, you can always cover it in ketchup!
So even when you are following a diet you should never feel deprived, a little forward planning goes a long way!

Grace xx  

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  1. The thing to remember is that its better to stay the same then to gain. How many pp's are you on? Everyone is different, so learn what your body is like, for example i like to snack in evening so have to save my pp's for then.

    I love quorn at the moment, its such a good alternative

    good luck xxxx


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