Monday, 25 July 2011

Make Up Monday - Poptastic Pink!

Well as promised in last weeks Make Up Monday I have done a tutorial this week using the MUA poptastic palette!

I had originally pictured an 80's inspired eye look but the pinks kept calling me so I chose to go poptastic pink instead!

To create this look I primed the eye lids and then used a white shimmer eye shadow over the whole lid and into the crease as a base colour.
Using the MUA poptastic palette I pressed a light pink (1) into the centre of the lid and then blended it out ward and up to the crease, Using a darker pink (2) I created a V shape along the outer edge of the crease and the upper lash line, with the eye shadow that is left on your brush sweep this under your lower lash line too. Use the same technique you would use for a smoky eye.
The next step is optional for darker skin tones but for fair skin tones use the purple (3) to trace over the darker pink to tone the pink slightly ( we don't want to look like we have a bruised eye!).
Apply eyeliner to the upper lid and then using just the product left on the brush blend it into the lower lash line. Curl the lashes and apply mascara.
I then applied more of the white shimmer to lighten the look, but this is optional too.

To see exactly how I got this look take a look at my tutorial

I hope you like this look and that you give it a try! If pink is not your colour you could try the same technique using any colour you like!

Have a great Make Up Monday

Stay gorgeous

Grace x


  1. Love it (as always), pink is a colour I use a lot on my eyes because I can manage it without looking like a clown :D Got the MUA Heaven and Earth palette last week, and was very impressed so this goes on my wishlist too!

  2. Lovely eye makeup and great tutorial.
    Nice blog too btw, love your 'Oooooh Pretty' logo.

  3. A lovely wearable look :) I wanna get my hands on these palettes, LOVE the single MUA eyeshadows.

    xxx Kat

  4. Thanks guys! @Charlotte, thanks hun, I made it using picasa it was actually really easy! xoxo


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