Friday, 15 July 2011

It's ok to LOL!

One thing I love more than anything is laughing! No matter what you are laughing at you always feel brighter after. A couple of years back I went to a laughter group (please don't stop reading, I promise I'm not completely mental!), I don't know how I heard of it but it sounded like fun so I took my mum along for what promised to be therapy through laughter!

Well what a bunch of nutters!!!! The man that ran the class was eccentric to say the least (and a little sweaty!), he started the class calmly with a few breathing exercises and a gentle giggle, before we knew it we were told to walk around the room in a circle and interact with other people, that doesn't seem to bad I hear you say? It was fine until he said now pretend you are a dog! I looked at my mum with a 'I'm so sorry I brought you to this, please don't make me walk home' look on my face, we carried on in our circle pretending to be a dog when he said now you are a blade of grass....and now its raining, well I stood quite close to my mum, I thought it could look like we were huddling together in the rain, when a man huddled into us and said I'm coming under your umbrella! What Umbrella you plonker, there is NO umbrella, we are blades of grass we don't have arms!! Whilst all this is going on the whole room is laughing, so although it was weird it was working!
At the end of the longest hour of our lives he told us all to laugh when ever we could and not inside, it should be aloud to get the full benefit! Hmmmm...

The next morning I woke up and headed for the shower, next thing I know I'm laughing hysterically out lout all by myself for no reason at all, but you know what, I felt great! Since then I no longer keep my laughter to a little giggle inside, Im more than happy to LOL!

This picture of me and my mum always makes me laugh!
So the moto of my story is that it is ok to LOL, infact it should be compulsory! The feeling when you laugh so much you actually cry is one of the best feelings ever, and I challenge you all to do it as often as you can!

Grace xx

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  1. Well that made me LOL! In fact tears as well and no tissues on my desk, they already think I'm barmy now I've just confirmed it! Don't remember it being that funny????


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