Friday, 8 July 2011

The night my life change..... a lot!

On Friday December 10th 2010 my day was completely normal until 6:30pm when an event happened that threw my whole life up in the air (almost quite literally!).

I was on a bit of a high as the night before I had hosted a pamper evening for a few of my clients at my house as a way to say thank you to them all for their love and support through out the year, it had gone really well, my mum and I had sent them all off with goodie bags and festive cupcakes. It left me with a really good feeling for 2011 in regards to the business.

Friday envolved my normal routine of travelling around to my clients houses, making them even more beautiful, having a gossip and numerous cups of tea, I left one house and was on my way to my final client of the day and that was it.....

I was involved in a huge car crash, I was hit from the side by a van and was trapped in the car. It was quite honestly the scariest thing I have ever experienced! Luckily the time went quickly, what felt like half an hour was actually closer to two hours. There were paramedics, police and fire men every where (unfortunately no good looking ones, you would think in my time of need they could of sent at least one!).

They had told me I was fine and that I was just going to be a bit bruised and sore but everything was ok! First they cut off the roof of my car, then the drivers side and then I was going to simply move out to the side and they would get me out the car, that plan was working well until I couldn't actually move my legs, I have to admit I started to feel a tad panicky at that point, but they popped a line in my arm pumped me full of morphine and ketamine and next thing I know I was on a stretcher and being put into an ambulance. My first memory was waking and saying to the paramedic "I hope my feet don't smell" (my shoes had fallen off whilst they were taking me out of the car!) Once at hospital I was rushed through A&E, a large bearded man approached me with a pair of scissors, he continued to cut my clothes off which was fine until he came near the snood I was wearing, I said very sternly "that will go over my head!", I actually think I was worried he might cut my hair!
I was taken to have a CT scan, and it was after that I was told that I had two fractures in my pelvis, one in my sacrum and a bruised lung! My mum, dad and sister were all there and we were assured I would be fine.

I was to be admitted but had to wait a while in A&E for a bed on a ward so my dad sent the others home and sat with me, I think he might have wished he hadn't after I threw up all up his arm, his reaction of have you been eating lettuce definitely kept me entertained.

After a Four day stay in hospital I was allowed to go home but I had to move back with my parents as I couldn't have looked after myself.

Its now seven months since the accident and I'm still on crutches! It has been a horrible time but it has made me sit down and has given me time to think. I have so many mixed emotions from this experience, guilt for my mum having to receive that phone call and then having to stand and watch her daughter being cut out of a car! Anger, at the whole situation, the way it has impacted my life. Relief as I know how lucky I am, Confusion as some days I just cant get my head around it all but most of all the sense of a new beginning. Because so much had to change its almost as if my old life isn't there any more and I have to start a fresh, the world is my lobster and if there was ever a good time for change it is NOW!

The biggest thing I have learnt is that life could be a whole lot shorter than you imagine so you have to make the most of yours, enjoy every moment and do what you love.

I've shared this with you partly as a bit of therapy for me but also so people can see where my inspiration to set up this blog came from, out of all bad things must come good, or so they say! So I apologise for how long this post is, Its actually the shortened version, I could go on for hours!!

So until the next post, go and do something you love!

Grace xx

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