Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday - week 2!

Well last week saw the beginning of my weight loss journey and this week has been another successful week with the scales showing a result of


Woop! I am very pleased with that, especially considering the amount of food I'm having to eat!
I found when I followed weight watchers before that I was eating more food than ever which is sometimes frustrating when you get to the end of the day and find you still have 10 points left to have! That's when I find Haribo come in handy!

Over the past week I kept feeling the need for something sweet in the afternoon to go with a cuppa, I looked at the fruit bowl for inspiration but an apple just wasn't going to satisfy my craving! Then I remembered I had some Carmel Snack-a-jacks and it was then I created .....
The Caranana Treat!

For this you will need 1 banana (0 points) and 2 Jumbo caramel Snack-a-jacks (1 point each)
 Peel the banana and split in half, simple mash it up and spread over the two snack-a-jacks!
 Have with your afternoon cuppa and your sweet craving will be satisfied! This sweet treat is 2 pro points.


What do you have when you are craving something sweet? 

Grace xx

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