Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday!

So as I may have mentioned before I am on what I'm hoping is my final weight loss journey (as in once I lose the weight it will stay off!). I have always been on the bigger side, I have curves and I am under no illusions that I will be skinny and to be honest I don't want to be!

My goal isn't a specific weight, I would instead like to get down to a size 14-16, I was this size when I was 20 and was very happy and comfortable with my weight, so I'm aiming for that again! Over the past 9 years my weight ballooned and at my biggest I was verging on a size 24, I couldn't have been more unhappy with the reflection I saw in the mirror! I started to lose weight slowly over the last 2 years and have so far lost three and a half stone, but I want to make that final push and get to my goal!

In my quest for a slimmer figure I am following the Weight Watchers Pro Points plan, I have done it before and know it encourages healthy eating, It also means if I fancy a bit of cake I can have it with out feeling really bad about it!

Well, I completed my first week and the scales told me I have lost


Which I am very happy with! I am actually following the plan at home, I will go back to weekly meetings once I am back on my feet (or more to the point off crutches!).

This weekly post will hopefully feature any little tips I pick up along the way, yummy recipes and anything motivational I can think of! So if any of you are on a weight loss journey I would love to hear from you, do you have any great tips? What are your favourite diet friendly treats?

Grace xx


  1. Oooo well done thats brilliant! Are you startin afresh now? or have you been on plan for a while? Ive been doing it since November 2009, had many ups and downs but back on track now. It feels good doesnt it? Hope you get better soon so you can get back to meetings i love going to them!

    Sarah xx

  2. Thanks Sarah, I have followed the plan before but this is a fresh start! Well done for doing it for so long! It does feel great when your on track! xx


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